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Update: This page mentions “The Lightning Process”. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) now officially warns against The Lightning Process as a treatment for ME/CFS.

What is Recovery Norway?

Recovery Norway is one of the newest of the platforms mentioned in here. It is closely connected to The Lightning Process (LP). It is created by people who either are Lightning Process practitioners or work together with them.

According to Recovery Norway, it is a website that broadcasts recovery stories from ME/CFS through psychological methods. On their site, they have a collection of testimonials, some new and some gathered from other places, from patients talking about how they recovered from ME/CFS.

Now, to explain what Recovery Norway really is, we have to go just a few years back.

In 2017/2018 the “Recovery Norway” site suddenly popped up. Why? The explanation is in the quote below.

The 2017 Agenda for the Nordic Consumer Ombudsman ruled that it is illegal to claim that any alternative medicine treatment is effective against specific illnesses and conditions. This ruling forbids the Lightning Process (LP) owners to market Lightning Process (LP) as a treatment for ME/CFS.”1

In short, this new law made it illegal for the Lightning Process to market their program for ME/CFS. The Lightning Process is big in Norway and they have some pretty unscrupulous people (for instance, a certain lifecoach-woman who sells a lot of books and guest lectures because of LP and a doctor who refers a lot of patients to LP-practitioners).

Recovery Norway as a marketing platform

When this law was implemented the Lightning Process people could no longer advertise their program freely. They had to change their strategy.

How did they do that? The Lightning Process joined/created the non-profit site Recovery Norway that simply gathers (or creates) testimonials from people who allegedly cured themselves from ME/CFS. Incredible, right?

So, because Recovery Norway is officially a non-profit website they can now continue to spread their Lightning Process-stories. Recovery Norway claims to be an organisation consisting of people who have recovered from ME/CFS. They simply went out and gathered random “recovery stories” from the internet including stories from their own Lightning Process instructors(!?).

These are supposed to be health professionals but all they rely on is anecdotal evidence which means absolutely nothing when it comes to treatment of a severe illness. Even if the original creators of the site had pure intentions they have been completely fooled by all these private companies using them as an advertisement platform.

Ties to the Lightning Process

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the stories on Recovery Norway are about the Lightning Process. And some of the other stories are from similar psychological programmes. They even use the background story from the guy who created ANS Rewire (another ME/CFS program).

According to Recovery Norway, it is simply a coincidence that they have so many Lightning Process stories. In short, they say that their initial members had no commercial interests. But that after a while, LP-practitioners joined.

We find that argument extremely thin considering the dubious and anecdotal nature of those recovery stories. These anecdotal testimonials are textbook Lightning Process nonscientific nonsense.

The real evidence, however, came from an LP practitioner herself. Live Landmark wrote: “We recently launched Recovery Norway (…)”. The organisation later tried to hide this post.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

So, they want people to believe that all those Lightning Process coaches are just sharing their stories because they want to help people? They do not think that patients would find it funny that the brave recovered “patients” have a private business and an NLP/health coach background?

Recovery Norway for profit

As mentioned, Recovery Norway is officially a non-profit organisation. However, almost all of their testimonials credit a specific paid program. And if you contact the site you can be put in contact with a Lightning Process instructor. So in reality, it is not really non-profit at all. It is simply another platform for the programs (especially The Lightning Process) to advertise while avoiding the new regulations.

In essence, Recovery Norway is a business writing its own user reviews. Imagine if a company founded the user rating site Trustpilot or Yelp and then exclusively wrote their own positive reviews? This is what the Lightning Process seems to have done with Recovery Norway. It would be comical if it was not so absurd.

We commented a few of our concerns on their Facebook site. Our comments were removed within an hour and our account is now blocked from commenting. This is how the Lightning Process always deals with questions and criticism.


In conclusion, Recovery Norway is not a program in itself, but a platform to promote the Lightning Process. It is a loophole to avoid laws preventing the Lightning Process to promote their program. Furthermore, it pushes the outdated idea that ME/CFS should be a psychological disorder.

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