ANS Rewire

What is the ANS Rewire program?

The ANS Rewire program has the backstory you would expect. Apparently, the creator of the online program was sick for 7 years with ME/CFS and then recovered. So basically your typical background story and one that is used by all the ME/CFS programs.

What did he do after he recovered? (disclaimer: you won’t be surprised)

Dan Neuffer created an online program for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. According to him and his team, the program “retrains the nervous system and promote healing.” It is basically built on the same dubious science about neural pathways and brain plasticity that DNRS also uses.

But… what is the program really?

Like with the rest of the ME/CFS recovery programs, you will never be told exactly what it is before you have already paid. As with the other programs, the google searches for ANS Rewire include: “What is ANS Rewire?”, “Is ANS Rewire a scam?” and “ANS Rewire scam”.

Luckily, you can read about it here for free. This is how ANS Rewire works:

  1. You watch some of Dan’s many Youtube videos or read his book (which serves as an advertisement for the program).
  2. Buy the program.
  3. You get access to a platform with 30-40 videos
  4. They send you a CD with meditation practice (not kidding)

What are you supposed to do in the program?

Now, after watching each video you will be asked to do some homework before starting the next video. This could be about your thoughts, sleep pattern, habits or emotional state. A lot of the early videos will be about how Dan truly believes you are ill, but that you have to stop thinking about yourself as being ill. It will also be about eating clean and starting up on supplements.

It could be worse, you think?

We believe the reason for starting the program in this way (relatively harmless with diet advice etc.) is to not scare people away with too much pseudo science early on.

You will have to get approximately 70 % into program before the actual cure (you know, their selling point) is even mentioned. The Rewire Process. At this point, the patient may trust Dan and not immediately ask for a refund when they see what they really bought.

ANS Rewire never mentions what this is anywhere on their site or Youtube channel. Why? Because it is absolutely ridiculous.

We have seen a lot of people asking “What is the Rewire process?” online even after watching all their marketing material. So let’s break it down.

This is the ANS Rewire process

  1. When you think about a symptom either make a noise inside your head or yell “STOP!” (not kidding)
  2. Make an arm movement to prove your point (…)
  3. Think happy thoughts (again, not kidding)
  4. Pat yourself on the back/give yourself a positive confirmation

Did not work? Well, then you did not do it enough times! Or, you messed up one of the steps! Probably some negative emotions holding you back! Do it again!

Money back guarantee (well, sort of…)

This is really basic marketing and something almost all the programs use. A money back guarantee. In the marketing-world people often joke about this option. Why? Because it is almost never what it seems.

When a patient reads that the ANS-Rewire, DNRS or similar program have a money back guarantee it might make them think “oh, surely it can’t be that bad then, right? If I’m not cured I simply get my money back?”. Well, not quite.

Let’s take a look at the details about the money back guarantee.

First, you do not get all of your money back. They take some of it for “administering your refund”. Also, you have to carefully send the DVD-material back and fill out a form which may be very difficult for a severe ME-patient. Dan Neuffer, supposedly a former ME-sufferer, should know this.

Second, you can get your money back within the first month. However, the program advises you to follow its recommendations for several months/even years. They will constantly tell you that for some people it may take a long time and that they have to be really consistent.

So, if you’re a desperate patient, do you think you would ask for a refund when you are only one month into the program? Probably not.


ANS Rewire will tell you to eat healthy, see a naturopathic doctor, sleep well and “retrain” your brain by saying “stop!” to yourself when you think about symptoms (like LP and DNRS). Like the other programs, it targets illnesses with no known cure.

For a few general tips about ME/CFS programs see the post about what to look out for.

To search for discussions about ANS Rewire and the other dubious programs search see Health Rising or the ME/CFS sub on Reddit

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